niedziela, 5 lipca 2015

3D Nail Art Roses

Next on the way to review were 3D roses for nail art from LadyQueen shop. I used them on the blue nails but I would love to see them in kind of wedding nails- I will definitely go for that next time and show you my results! 

I do love flowers on my nails but I never had them in 3D version- this is my first time to have a roses and not painted them! I was scared roses will be too big for the nail and it will look silly but I was wrong. They are in perfect size and flat on the bottom so let you easy apply them. NA0645 Nail Wheel is the product I chose and I think it's definitely worth the price you can pay for it. Colours are not neon how I first thought- them are pale, so delicate, just perfect for me- I definitely prefer that. Can't wait for my next nail art with using them roses- this will be definitely wedding nails! 

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