niedziela, 5 lipca 2015

Pearly diamonds

Today I'm coming to you with review the products from LadyQueen shop.
I got two samples which I chose myself. Today I want to show you a lovely pearly diamonds!

I do love nail art as you know guys and I just can't stand my nails only with nail varnish over the top- it's too boring. Always have to add something. In LadyQueen shop I have seen lots of products which I would love to have so it was very hard decision for me to chose only two of them. But anyway I think I chose the best ones. Today I used a lovely pearly diamonds with gold edges- I absolutely fall in love with them. NA0637 Nail Wheel it's definitely take one of the first place in my box with nail jewellery. I'm so glad this nail wheel have a lots of different colours so actually you can use it for any nail art you do! I specially love this delicate pink. The best thing is that it's so easy to apply and stay on my nail for long.

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  1. your nails are gorgeous! I like every picture because they attract me! Well done nails :-)


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